WP Skills

The tool is a fast code generation tool for WordPress snippets.

2.3.1 - "NEW" Badge for Newly Added Generators

Now you will see the new badge for generators recently added.

2.3.0 - Introducing Custom User Role Generator 🥳

The WordPress user role generator allows you to generate a custom user role for your WordPress website.

2.2.0 - Introducing Custom Hook Generator 🥳

The WordPress Hook Generator allows you to generate the code for WordPress hooks in a few clicks.

2.1.0 - Introducing Post Status Generator 🥳

WordPress Post Status Generator is a tool that helps you to generate custom post statuses for your WordPress projects.

2.0.2 - User Profile Fields

Fixed bug for User Profile Fields generator.

2.0.0 - Fully Updated 🥳

It has been redeveloped from scratch on the original version.

1.1.3 - Added "Buy Me a Coffee"

Added "Buy Me a Coffee" temporarily.

1.1.2 - Ads Added

Ads have been added so that the app can continue to be developed.

1.1.1 - Tag Input Updated

1.1.0 - Save Snippets

Added ability to save and edit outputs from generators

1.0.0 - Released for Free 🥳

Such a product has emerged to enable WordPress developers to develop faster and to save developers from complex php codes.